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What clients are saying…

“Lorraine genuinely cares about your well being and getting results,my core is stronger by back no longer feel fatigue like it once did.”

“I have seen her for both massage and training and she is extremely effective and keeps workouts varied and engaging.”

Peter Laughton (Architect & designer)


“I was nervous to get back to training after having my second baby I met Lorraine and Emma when they were HouseRide spin instructors at Soho Farmhouse and they both went out of there way to make me feel valued and cared about.

My body changed my confidence grew and I began to feel like me again. There music is always current and motivational and there characters are that of being kind caring but get the work done.”

Mrs K Parker Taylor


Great music tough fun class, she’s does not miss a beat!”

Marhina Meno (Shoe Designer)


After Lorraine’s “ Burn class” I am in that kind of pleasure pain haze it’s challenging!

My glutes and abs feel the benefits for days after, there is no class quite like it.

Chole Coles:- Author and mum


“I am a builder and a plasterer and in my traid if my back and neck go I can’t work.

I met Lorraine 5 years she is small but works deeply into my muscles and after each time I see her my aches and pains relieve and I am a able to move more freely.”

Spencer P Cooper (Construction/Builder)