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Lorraine Jack Atkinson


Born and bred on this very farm! Country girl, farmers daughter, mummy of one human and a pug with a Love  of the land, Dance, Food and fitness and likes to enjoy a little touch of city life!

What to expect:

Music based studio classes to be cardio/HIIT based to an ever changing playlist and routine .
Expect to feel toned with a tight core using light weights with Ballet type toning methods threw out think “long and lean”.
Lorraine strives to make each class member feels empowered and valued.

“Come out the room feeling stronger fitter and more positive than when you came in.”

Instagram: @dovecote_fitbarn
Moto: “Yes you can”

Music- anything from High Contrast to Dolly Parton to Foals to Cadi B

Favorite Tipple:- Mojito 

Favorite Food:- Pad Thai and PickNMix (don’t judge me)🙈

Fun Fact- Lorraine completed the NYC Marathon and has a pet piggy called BaBa! 🐷


Jayne is a highly qualified physiotherapist and Pilates teacher to book a class please contact her directly on 07712560129.

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